Visiting The Rubenshuis, Antwerp


Called the Rubenshuis, it's a 'recreation' of what his home might have looked like (on the inside), but built in his actual home, recently refurbished and retro-outfitted to look like it would have in his day; much like the Rembrandt House in Amsterdam.

You'd think they'd have made museums out of these artists' houses as soon as the Masters passed away but the problem was these guys lived in the nicest houses for miles around; they lived in mansions fit for kings; so when they died (or in Rembrandt's case became impoverished) they were sold to wealthy aristocrats and only after several centuries were the local councils able to purchase back the homes and make museums out of them. There's one more I've got to visit, Durer's home in Nuremberg; and I'll have seen all the major 'recreated homes' of my favorite artists.

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