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A Tale of Two Tassels - Raphael and Holbein in The National Gallery, London

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March 10, 2017

This fresco cycle by Andrea del Sarto was completed over the course of about a decade (thanks to many long pauses) for a church in Florence which no longer exists. The cycle still stands because it's such a famous and integral part of both his reputation and of Florent...

December 18, 2015

 This church is an architectural and artistic gem, barely a 5 minute walk from the Duomo. As of this writing (Winter 2015/16) t's undergoing HEAVY construction but if you've never seen it, and have the opportunity (even under construction) this should be on everyone's...

November 12, 2015

The Laurentian Library in Florence is a depository of rare books and manuscripts begun by Pope Clement VII (a member of the Medici family) and was meant to both showcase, show off, and propagandize the Medici family name, and to hold their 10,000+ rare manuscripts.



October 29, 2015

 The highlight of this church, which is just 2 blocks down a narrow sidestreet from the Ponte Vecchio bridge, is the Sassetti chapel... frescoed by Ghirlandio in the late 1480's when Michelangelo was apprenticed to the Master. There are drawings and sketches based on t...

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